Beyond Bitterballen: The Sustainability of the Dutch Food Supply Chain

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Blue Room, TUDelft Library

Is food one of your passion? Or are you simply curious about the evolution of the sector when it comes to sustainability? Then join the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability Students for our "Beyond Bitterballen: The Sustainability of the Dutch Food Supply Chain" panel discussion(!!) 

Three food experts from different parts of the Dutch Food Supply Chain will share their insights about sustainability and their vision of the future. From cutting edge technologies to marketing practices, they will spark our imagination to see beyond current challenges toward the sustainable possibilities that lie within the future of food. 

The panellists are:
Erik Lauret - Head of Responsible Retailing at SPAR International, 
Bram Tijmons - CEO & co-founder of PATS Indoor Drone Solutions,
Pauline Rosenburg - sustainability specials at Vermaat.

After, you can challenge them with your questions and get to know more about the industry(!!)

We will serve some (waste-free) snacks & drinks provided by Food Sharing Delft.

After their presentation, a panel discussion where everybody is welcome to ask their questions will be hosted. Stay tuned with our social media for more information!



Beyond Bitterballen