A practical approach to sustainability | Lunch Lecture

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'Joost vd Grinten'-zaal, IDE Faculty, Landbergstraat 15, Delft

Sustainability. A topic that is talked about a lot and yet it is still given too little thought. How do we move from talk to action?

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Universities are home to theoretical knowledge and expertise on sustainability,
while construction companies have significant practical knowledge and impact.  How do we combine the university's knowledge and thinking capacity, and the power of practical implementation of large building groups?

Lars van der Meulen, as CSR Director of construction company VolkerWessels, is witness to both streams of knowledge.  At the Lunch Lecture on the 18th of November, Lars will draw on his own experience to discuss how an exchange of knowledge between universities and construction companies can become feasible to make the construction sector more sustainable.

This lunch lecture will commence at 12:45 on 18 November. It will take place at the 'Joost vd Grinten' Hall, the IDE Faculty in Delft. The lecture is free of cost and open to all.

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This event is organised by our Circular Industries Hub.