Economy vs. Ecology: A Panel Discussion

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Turfmarkt 99, Den Haag

A very important discussion at the moment is that of our current economic model. We are faced by the daunting prospect of climate change due to human intervention causing global warming. Experts in different fields are quick to point out that our current capitalistic economic system that is incentivised by growth and profit is to blame.

Have you ever wondered how capitalism affects the environment and which type of system is better for world economics?
What are alternative systems that can be used, and is capitalism even a good way to go from an environmental viewpoint?

These and many other questions can be made during the discussion panel on capitalism and the environment.

Two experts will talk about environment and economy, explaining how each type of capitalism has a different environmental impact and what are the key elements that are important from a global perspective.

We are happy to announce that experts Dr Jeffrey Fynn Paul, professor of Global Political Economy (Leiden University), and Dr Paul Behrens, professor of Alternative Energy and Sustainability (Leiden University) will be joining us at the panel discussion!

The discussion panel will be held in Wijnhaven on the 14th of March from 17:30 to 19:30 room 3.46.