Hackathon for a circular The Hague

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Campus Leiden - Turfmarkt 99 Dan Haag - Room 2.59

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What are we going to do?

How circular is The Hague? Find out and join our hackathon of data collection! Beauties and geeks are welcome - it's for everyone!

On 12 October we build a dashboard for The Hague which gives insights in how we deal with waste en resources. We map all material flows in The Hague and analyse the waste streams. This project helps policy makers and citizens to get a better understanding how we deal with materials. It gives an answer to the question: how circular is The Hague?

Since there are many materials imported, used, produced and thrown away, we have to choose a few materials. We will focus on construction materials, biomassa and critical materials. 

We will give answer on questions like: how much construction material in imported in The Hague. And how do we "consume" these materials (where and in what buildings)? What kind of the waste streams do we have? And: What kind of critical materials are used in The Hague. How much is recycled and how much ends up in waste streams? With the visualisation of these resources you can easily see how linear or circular certain material streams are. 

To create this platform, we need you. We need collect and upload lots of data sets! You can help us doing this by joining this hackathon. We will collect data, and upload them on the platform with help from the team of Metabolism of Cities. 

Who can join? Anyone interested in the project! No need to be technical. 

This project is in cooperation with the platform "Metabolism of Cities". Their team will build the dashboard. 

This project is part of an international cities project. Other cities participating in this initiative are Cape Town, Brussels, Milan, Montreal and Mexico City. 

Urban metabolism explained 

Urban metabolism is the method in which scientists analyse material flows in a city. To give you a better understanding of Urban Metabolism, we advice you to watch this video. 

Why a hackathon? 

On May 25, Centre for Sustainability and the platform Metabolism of Cities joined forces in the challenge Central Innovation District (CID) Knowledge LAB 2018.  We pitched our proposal "Metabolism of Cities Hackathon"  along with 10 other teams and were one of the 5 winning teams! With this project, we make it possible to study the Urban Metabolism of The Hague by collecting and visualising data sets.  It gives The Hague the possibility to get a better understanding of its sustainability performance, and The Hague will be part of an international cities project! 

With this proposal we aim to gather as much data around circular economy and sustainability as possible.  The hackathon will be part of the MultiCity Project (led by the platform Metbolism of Cities) in which cities like Brussels, Cape Town and Mexico City participate.  In this project the Metabolism of Cities team facilitate groups of volunteers with the identification of relevant datasets. The  platform takes care of indexing, processing, and standardising the datasets. For example, in Cape Town, water management is a big issue. A network of volunteers collected and uploaded all kind of relevant datasets and the platform took care of the processing and visualisation. The city get's its own dashboard which looks like this the example below. 

This video explains the background of the project and shows how a dashboard will look like:

How to join?

Please click on the "Register" button to subscribe. We will have lunch during the hackathon and drinks afterwards. 

Metabolism of Cities
Example of the end result of the hackathon