CfS student movie night "Demain" - Is there hope for tomorrow?

Centre for Sustainability - Movie night "Demain" 

Tuesday the 10th of October is the National Day of Sustainability in the Netherlands. To celebrate this event, the student board of Centre for Sustainability organized a movie night. Together with 50 students we watched the documentary ‘DEMAIN’. Our planet is threatened: natural resources are being depleted, the temperature is rising and the population growing. Our ecosystems cannot keep up with the pace at which this all happens. DEMAIN points out several initiatives which all have one thing in common: they are small local groups of people who consider alternatives to the current failing models. The documentary shows how small initiatives can have major consequences for tomorrow’s world. The documentary received great reviews and is seen as an optimistic guide for avoiding the end of humanity. Our students also formed their opinions after watching DEMAIN.

I liked that it was positively framed and felt encourages afterwards to go and change something.

DEMAIN was very informative and inspiring. The makers of the movie showed me some great examples of people who try to find practical solutions for the growing environmental problems our world is facing.

The world faces major problems in the field of future livability of our dear planet. Instead of spreading fear by showing how fast the world is changing and how bad human behavior influences climate change this documentary focuses on positive things which you can reach as an individual. DEMAIN inspires to act and think locally to solve global problems.

 Given these reactions, we can say that it was a very successful and inspiring evening! To be continued..

Watch the trailer: