The Resilient City Hub
Resilient, circular and sustainable cities

The Resilient City Hub

About the Resilient City Hub

The resilient city hub focuses on the urban resilience and urban metabolism. We distinguish 4 research themes ranging from the cities internal structures to the city in its context. If you are interested in one of these themes, you can contact the hub coordinator Benjamin Sprecher:

If you want to know more about the research assignments we currently have, then click on below on "Research Assignments". There we have listed the assignments. If you are interested in these assignments, you can also contacted Benjamin Sprecher. 

4 research themes

1) The material basis of the city: material stocks & flows and circular economy 

2) The livable city: mobility, local pollution and micro climate

3) The city and its urban ecosystems: urban ecosystems and ecosystem services 

4) The city within its planetary boundaries: resource depletion, climate change and nexus issues