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How to create an inclusive society?
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The Inclusive City Hub

The Inclusive City Hub is focused on the Metropolitan region Rotterdam - Den Haag.  In this hub we focus on research topics related to the intrinsic motivation behind a circular economy. We believe that in order to make the transition to a circular and bio-based economy, we should think about how people can participate in this transition. In other words - how can we create an inclusive society where people actively become part of the solution?

The inclusive city hub consists of three studios. Each studio takes a regional angle of the Metropolitan region Rotterdam - Den Haag:

  1. Central Rotterdam - How can we make us of the common spaces in Rotterdam in an inclusive way?

  2. Midden-Delfland - How to connect the rural area to the urban area in a circular way?

  3. CID Den Haag - How can we redevelop the Central Innovation District (CID) in a completely circular way?