Start of Greenport demonstration and training in Agadir, Morocco

Horticultural production is one of the most important economic activities of the region of Agadir, Conditions are particularly favourable for tomato production (experienced producers, favourable climate, and an internal market able to absorb discrepancies between production and exports). But, the horticulture sector in this region faces constraints that limit its sustainable growth. In particular, the region is marked by an increasingly important water deficit. Climate change is playing a worrisome role in the decline of regional water reserves and disturbance of temperature patterns.

This project mainly addresses  a key  challenge of climate change (water deficit) aiming for a  an improved  economic development. Through demonstrations and education, a model for protected agriculture is introduced that is inclusive, economically viable and involves cooperation between different farmers’ groups and supply chain partners within the horticulture value chain. The core of the Greenport program is the Centre d’Excellence d’Horticulture in Agadir.

In the partnership IAV Hassan II, Apefel, HortiTech, Growers United, Jiffy Growing Solutions, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Foundation Seed2Feed and the strategic alliance of Leiden Delft Erasmus Universities will demonstrate and train in both production, technology and supply chain aspects. The program is funded by the initiated partnership and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Supportive partner is the Dutch Embassy in Morocco.