Submit real life sustainability cases for students

At Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam we educate (future) transformational leaders, system thinkers and system engineers who can contribute to the transition towards a sustainable circular economy. We are constantly looking for societal partners who seek collaboration with our students. 

Submit your sustainability question or challenge 

LDE Centre for Sustainability is the broker for real-life sustainability assignments for Leiden-Delft-Erasmus bachelor and master courses, minors and master theses. Depending on your question we look for the best match. We offer to: 

  • Find a LDE course or minor that can fit your case into their education. Most of the time students will work in teams of 4-5 on an assignment. Often the courses are in English. Click here for examples of courses. 
  • Match your assignment to graduating master students, as part of our master thesis community. You can submit your assignment here
  • Discuss with you the opportunity to organize an exclusive LDE Centre for Sustainability Lab (LDE CfS Lab) in collaboration with our hubs: in February we start our half a year, interdisciplinary program for LDE master students. 

Commission a real-life sustainability project 

Commissioning a student assignment is a great way to deepen your knowledge on a sustainability issue in your organization. It also gives you the opportunity to work together with our talented Leiden, Delft and Erasmus students and academic staff. We find it important that our students collaborate with industry, governments and NGO’s during their study programs. It teaches students to deal with complexity, other perspectives and bridging the gap between science and practice.  

We are looking for a large variety of projects, related (but not limited) to the themes of our knowledge and innovation hubs: circular industries, cities and food and agriculture. Our aim is to look at these themes from an interdisciplinary perspective. We collaborate with a wide variety of study programs, such as natural, technical and social sciences, business studies, law, philosophy and humanities.  

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