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Centre for Sustainability Students

The Student Board of LDE Centre for Sustainability is an active committee, consisting of students from each of the three LDE universities spread over four cities, that focuses on reaching out to both Bachelor level and Master level students.

We communicate with the student community and extend opportunities offered through our Hubs and living labs, and actively engage with them through a range of activities and events to enthuse the students on the topics of sustainability and the circular economy.
The Student Board organises events like the Master Thesis Market, in-house days or business challenges with companies, lectures and movie nights, across four cities - Leiden, The Hague, Rotterdam and Delft.

Interested in collaborating with us or joining one of our events?
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Our current members are:


  • Sheline Kap - Bachelor student of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology 
  • Lia Alvarez - Master student Industrial Ecology 


  • Gamze Unlu - Master student of Complex Systems Engineering and Management  
  • Jonathan Budez - Master student of Sustainable Energy Technology  


  • Shivaani Harmsen -  Bachelor student of International Studies 
  • Matthijs Malkus - Master student Public Administration