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What we do

Meaningful research for society

The hubs form the core of our organisation. In the hubs, we offer thesis topics and internships to master students. Each hub has its own scope and approach to the circular economy and sustainable urban development. The research topics are directly connected to external stakeholders such as companies and municipalities. Our hubs aim to:

  1. Formulate demand driven research topics together with external stakeholders
  2. Allow students to conduct research with impact (master thesis/internship)
  3. Develop interdisciplinary research, by connecting students and researchers from three universities.  

You are always welcome to join the hub as an organisation or student.

The CfS Knowledge & innovation hubs

The Inclusive City Hub

Inclusive city hub

In the Inclusive City Hub we approach the circular economy from a social perspective with a focus on inclusiveness. 

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The Resilient City Hub

Resilient City Hub

The Resilient City Hub takes a systematic approach to sustainable urban development and future proofing cities. 

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The Greenport Hub

In the Greenport Hub is centered around the new role of the horticulture sector in the circular economy.

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