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Resilient, circular and sustainable cities

The Resilient City Hub

About the Resilient City Hub

The resilient city hub focuses on the urban resilience and urban metabolism. We distinguish 4 research themes ranging from the cities internal structures to the city in its context. To make it more concrete, we will provide a research topic for each research theme, including the external stakeholder involved in the research. Note that some of the research topics are for Interdisciplinary Project Groups (IPG) and some for Master Thesis (Msc Thesis).

4 research themes

1) The material basis of the city: material stocks & flows and circular economy 

IPG research
Key indicators for Sustainability Monitoring of The HagueWhat are the key indicator values for monitoring the sustainability of the city of The Hague?

Stakeholder: Duurzaam Den Haag

2) The livable city: mobility, local pollution and micro climate

IPG research
Research question: Effects of urban green in The Hague, on urban ecosystems and ecosystem services  - What are the benefits of nature in The Hague, and can they be quantified?

Stakeholder: Partij voor de Dieren Den Haag

3) The city and its urban ecosystems: urban ecosystems and ecosystem services 

Msc Thesis Research
Benefits and limitations of urban water transportation
 - Many Dutch cities have an extensive network of canals. Could this network be used for last mile transportation of goods? 

Stakeholder: Partij voor de Dieren Den Haag (political party)

4) The city within its planetary boundaries: resource depletion, climate change and nexus issues

Msc Thesis Research
Environmental impact of various Leiden restaurant classic meals explored - how do we measure the sustainability of food and why are there so many different numbers out there?

Stakeholder: Duurzame Horeca Leiden en Omstreken

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