Combining complementary research strengths


Building on the existing expertise and academic research, the Centre for Sustainability has defined four strongly related areas of research.

Research areas  

1. Industrial Ecology & Economics → focuses on the analysis of the combined physical-economic national, European and global systems related to materials and their environmental impacts.

2. Circular Business Models & Product Design  investigates how more sustainable product designs can also become sound business concepts.

3. Clean Technology for Resource Efficiency  incorporates the strengths of different materials technology groups at TU-Delft and combines them with the strategic information from the research areas Industrial Ecology & Economics and Circular Business Models & Product Design.

4. Governance, Regulation & Transitions  focuses on governance aspects with regard to sustainable materials management and what is needed in order to adapt (legal and economic) incentives.

 Fields of application 

  • Raw materials
  • Urban Systems
  • Production/Consumption Chains