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Centre for Sustainability


The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability is a multidisciplinary Research, Education and Valorisation centre in which three Dutch Universities join forces: Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Together with companies, NGO’s, governments and other committed stakeholders we effectively formulate the societal challenges to be solved through the creation of 'Roadmaps'​ surrounding our different (research) themes. We apply results and share outcomes with society - in order to achieve sustainable resources for a growing world population.

Led by scientific staff from all three Universities, our (research) activities include MSc. Students, PhD’s and Post Docs ensuring a strong research line over the years. Collaboration between all stakeholders is crucial to make sure that results are valuable, knowledge will be disseminated and circular innovation will take place.


The trend towards global population growth and the concentration of people in cities provides huge challenges for the sustainable supply, use, management and production of resources. The urgency and magnitude of these challenges ask a for scientific foundation in the field of governance, technology and business.


The Centre for Sustainability is a key player when it comes to providing solutions for resource efficiency, by developing and sharing multidisciplinary scientific knowledge. Our mission is to actively build bridges between science and society by working together with universities, companies and governments on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the transition towards a circular economy. 

Unique position and strengths

The Centre for Sustainability was founded as one of eight joint centres as part of the Strategic Alliance between the three universities. Collaboration in the Centre for Sustainability leverages the complementary strengths of the three universities in the fields of governance, technology and business.